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Dutch NEDNGLISH has opened office in Karachi, Ned-Pak, which was established in 2011 to export fresh produce by sea instead of by air from Pakistan over long distances. It is offering readily solutions for the post-harvest technology. Such facilities are now available for the first time in Pakistan. The aim of the firm Ned-Pak is to improve the quality and packaging of the post harvest supply chain for the domestic and export market of fresh fruit, vegetable and flowers. It shall enhance the quality levels to meet the international standards, as well as those of the local market.

In 2012, services for the "Post Harvest Technology & Solutions" were initiated in order to support the fresh produce exports for "extending the shelf life", as well as to improve the cool chain management and packaging. These specialized bags and cartons extend the shelf life of perishables, which are produced in the EU. Supporting materials include temperature data loggers and Anti-sprouting (Ethylene), which are inducted to support potatoes, apples, etc. Web shop has become a very important feature providing instruments which are not easily available in Pakistan at one platform.

The most important factors today are the post harvest treatments, which includes maintenance of cool chain management systems while preserving the visual appeal. The growers can enjoy a significantly good rate of return, not by altering the prices, but by reducing their spoilage, which is estimated at almost 40% in every variety.

The awareness of wastage, escalating high prices, inflationary impacts on all classes in Pakistan and alarming shortages have been the reasons that have made the farmers and distribution channels consider amendments to the existing practices.

An Introduction of Good Packaging & simple its what all International expects from U. A good plantation cannot always bring good sales results alone not unless new methods are applied to it.


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Advanced crop management techniques would be offered to farmers to boost production and scale down production costs. Join the Ned-Pak Group. More often packaging is under values at Pakistan


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Prior to the year 2000, fruit & Vegetable suppliers were exposed to a variety of different audit demands which were imposed primarily by major buyers. A food producer might be asked to comply with multiple differing standards from multiple buyers. There was no consolidated standard under which food producers could be certified. In 2000 the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) was established under Belgian law which created a standardized set of requirements for fresh produce /food safety schemes.

How safe is your supply chain? Are your packaging suppliers ready to comply with food safety requirements? Are your vendors taking an active role in safeguarding your products? If there is a recall, will your packaging supplier be able to trace its own supply chain?

As a full service packaging company, Ned-Pak Technical Packaging recognizes that growers and packers have made substantial investments in the safety of their products. We don't want to be the weakest link in the food supply chain. For this reason we took the challenge and now, for the second time, we would like to achieved it.

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