The information provided here represents the maximum number of days achieved in storage in selected commercial trials or in the lab. Since picking and post-harvest conditions vary, these storage times should be viewed as guidelines only. In addition, storage time performance may vary depending on packaging type.


Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) for Leek

Ned breathable bags and liners for fresh produce preserves leek quality and freshness during prolonged storage and shipment by-

  • Minimizing yellowing, curvature and telescopy
  • Reducing dehydration, thereby preserving firmness and preventing shriveling
  • Preventing decay
  • Preserving color and appearance

Added Value
  • Preserves field fresh flavor and nutritional value during prolonged storage
  • Reduces waste in the supply chain
  • Reduces logistical costs
  • No need for ice. This eliminates messy slush from melting ice and the associated risk of contamination, and cuts transportation costs
  • No need for waxed cartons
  • Facilitates market expansion and sea and land transport